Loudspeakers and subwoofers

Loudspeakers have key importance whenever there is something to do with sound, because in the end, it is the loudspeaker that determines the quality of the it.

Well-produced music needs good-quality loudspeakers to interpret all its hidden details to achieve the perfect music enjoyment.  Movie makers emphasize multi-channel voice design, because a spectacular sound world will make the action more explosive, the drama more touching and the comedy funnier.

Without proper audio, crucial elements of the game experience will be missing from the atmosphere of games as well. The balance between speech, music and sound effects plays the decisive part when it comes to achieving an enjoyable movie or game experiece.

The loudspeakers and subwoofers of the OR-Loudspeakers range make it possible to have completely clear and balanced audio from a TV, a video projector, a computer, a music player and a games console.